Alaska Roll or Salmon Avocado Roll

Alaska Roll.

1 7-10 oz package smoked salmon kippers
1 avocado
3 Seaweed sheets
3 cups cooked and prepared sushi rice.
2 Table spoons sesame seeds (optional)
optional: 1 cucumber

One way to make this roll is to use vacuum packed smoked salmon kippers or steaks. Most people follow this route.

The other method is to smoke fresh salmon in a smoker. If you do use a smoker then I recommend a good smoked salmon marinade and smoker. Instructions for smoking salmon is out of scope for this article.

Cut the salmon into 1/2 inch (12mm) strips.

Prepare avocado:
1. Cut avocado into quarters
2. Remove pit or seed
3. Peel the skin with a knife. Simply lift the skin with a knife and grab it with fingers pull. The skin should, if its a ripe avocado, easily come off.
4. slice the avocado into smaller 1/4 inch (5-6mm) slices and place on a dish.
5. Optional: you may like it with cucumber. Simply cut off the ends of the cucumber then slice the skin off. Cut into quarters long ways. Cut off the seeded center strip. Slice into julian strips.

May include cucumber as in California roll but with salmon instead of crab.

Use the smoked salmon, avocado, and cucumber as filler for a medium roll. Follow instructions for

medium roll assembly to make into rolls.

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