Lets Make Inari Zushi or Stuffed Fried Tofu Pouch Sushi

inari zushi on plate

Inari Zushi is a favorite among sushi lovers. The sweet and savory taste of the deep fried tofu pouch (aburage) are a favorite sushi treat.

To make inari, you prepare the fried tofu pouch called aburage (a-bu-la-ghe) and stuff it with sushi rice, or sushi rice with other add-ins.

About aburage
Aburage, is a japanese soybean product produced by deep frying tofu. The thin slices of tofu are puffed when fried causing the outer area to form a, sort of, soft shell. The soft inside is pliable and can be hollowed or create a pocket.

Two Ways to Make It

1. Fresh cook inari method

Fresh cook method description:

Season the aburage by cooking it in sauce on the stove.

2. Quick Method

Quick method description:

If you prefer to not cook aburage, you may find them already cooked (to make sushi) in vacuum packs or cans.


1. Make the sushi rice,
2. Fill the pockets, serve with red ginger, (Beni Shoga) enjoy.

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