Sushi Supplies or Tools (sushi no dogu)

sushi mats

Sushi supplies you may already have

Cutting board
Vegetable Peeler
Measuring spoons
Measuring cups
Sauce Pan
Chop sticks

Sushi tools unique to making sushi
To aquire these tools for making professional style work check a japanese or asian specialty store such as Marukai in California or Nijiya Market in California, New York City, and Hawaii.

If no such specialty store is available, look at better kichenware stores like Sur La Table or even Target.

Here you'll find a brief overview about each utensil listed below.

Rice cooker (suihonki)
Wooden rice tub (hangiri)
Rice spatula or paddle (shamoji)
Sushi knife (houchou)
The sushi mat (makisu)
Sushi molds (oshihako or oshibako)
Dipping sauce saucer (shoyu sashi)
Dishes and plates for sushi (ko-sara)
A clean cloth towel (fukin)

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