Sushi Towel (fukin)

What is a Sushi Towel? Sushi chefs use a lint free cloth such as a flour sack cloth form Walmart. Disposable kitchen towels are nice because you don't have to worry about sanitizing issues since the towels come in contact with food.

Soak a clean cloth in warm water, then wring it out (twist with hands in opposite directions after folding it in half) 2 or 3 times, and use for the following:

-For covering seasoned rice in the tub to keep it from drying and turning hard.
-Moisten knife when cutting sushi rolls.
-Push back the rice which may leak out of rolls when rolling sushi.
-Wipe off the sushi mat between assembling sushi rolls.
-Wipe hands.

Substitute: Paper towels. Though they readily fall apart when damp or wet. Still works well when cloth towels are not available.

Informational Tidbit
In Japan its all about keeping everything neat and clean. Japanese love damp towels or towelettes. This is evident when flying Japan or ANA airlines. With tongs they present the passengers with a hot damp towelette. Taxi drivers are seen with a towel and duster to keep their automobiles clean inside and out. Store and restaurant owners are frequently seen going over every inch of property to remove dust. At least, perhaps, to say to the customers, "we keep a clean shop". A good practice to have.

Those hot towelettes on the plane, unroll and wipe your face when its cool enough. This is to make one feel good, spry, and chipper. After wiping your face wipe your hands. The stewardess comes back to collect the towels.

Keep some sushi towels handy in the kitchen. Perhaps folded next to the sushi mat.

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