Sushi Roll (maki zushi)

Medium sized uramaki

Sushi roll

in Japanese is called maki zushi. This is probably the most versatile of sushi since a variety of different fillings are used.

Things You'll Need
To get started on sushi rolls start with the right kitchen tools and ingredients.

Rolling Mat
First of all you will need a sushi mat which is a bamboo mat held together with string. There are other ways to make maki zushi or rolls such as with a mold or plastic wrap over a clean towel.

The mat is designed with lateral stiffness to help create evenly rolled maki. You can find these at any Japanese or asian markets or from a kitchen wares store.

Other Items:
A sharp knife,
Nori (seaweed),
Shoyu (soy sauce),

Prepared sushi rice (2 cups),

Sushi roll methods and technique

Hosomaki or "thin roll"
Medium roll
Futomaki or jumbo roll
Uramaki or inside out roll

Different size rolls and recipes

Hosomaki or "thin roll"
Hosomaki means "thin roll" and contains one ingredient. The most prevalent are tuna, known as Tekka, or cucumber which is called Kappa.

Hosomaki recipes

Cucumber rolls (kappa)
Tuna rolls (tekka)
(more to come)

Medium sized rolls
Medium rolls are the most common combining several different ingredients such as the California Roll. Using crab, avocado, and cucumber, roll is an easy roll for anyone to make right at home.

Medium roll recipes

Crab, avocado, cucumber Roll
Tuna Spinach Roll
Hot Dog, Cucumber, Green Onion Roll
Salmon Cucumber Roll Recipe
Alaska Roll
Mexican Roll

Futomaki or jumbo rolls
Futo maki (above photo) literally means "fat" roll (also called date maki or dandy roll). But since that is not appealing to say on a menu, we like to call it in Japan jumbo, or in other countries, thick roll.

Futomaki roll recipes
(coming soon)

Uramaki (inside out roll)
Uramaki-(above photo) These days its common to reverse the rolls so that the nori or seaweed is towards the inside and the rice on the outside. The advantage of this is if the nori is used on the outside of the roll it may break from the moist rice. Not so if used toward the inside as an uramaki.

Turn any roll into an uramaki roll. (coming soon)

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