Hotdog Roll With Cucumber, and Cheese

Hotdog roll with cucumber, and cheese.
1 teaspoon cooking oil (spray is best)
2 Hot dogs
1 cucumber
2 oz. cheese provolone, cheddar, or of your choice
3 Seaweed sheets
3 cups cooked and prepared sushi rice.
2 Table spoons sesame seeds (optional)

Oil a frying pan over medium heat. Fry the hot dogs until seared and lightly charred. Or for better results grill hot dogs according to your favorite method. Remove from heat source or when they are done, cut them long ways into quarters. Cut cucumber into quarter and remove the seeds. Slice cheese into strips or use shredded type.

Assemble the rolls using the medium roll instructions. Sprinkle sesame seeds over rice just before rolling or sprinkle sesame seeds over finished inside out (uramaki) rolls just before slicing into bite sized pieces.

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