Tuna Spinach Roll

1 cup of sushi rice
1 can of 5 oz. tuna in water (142g.)
1 Tbl spoon mayonnaise
1/2 bunch of spinach washed and drained
2 sheet of dried seaweed
1 teaspoon salt

For this tuna spinach roll recipe first prepare the rice. Next, cook the spinach.

SpinachIn a large mixing bowl, soak the spinach in 2 changes of water to remove sand and soil. Prepare the spinach by discarding the pinkish base near the root and remove any wilted leaves. Place in 4 cups of water in a sauce pan over medium heat. Add salt. Remove spinach when the water comes to a boil. empty the spinach into a stainer and rinse under cold water. Leave it in the strainer to drain excess water. Let it drain over sink or pan while you prepare the tuna.

TunaOpen can of tuna. Drain. Fold into a small bowl and mix in mayonnaise. Mix well as you would to make a tuna sandwich.

Assemble the roll following the instructions on the medium roll page.