Mexican Roll

Mexican roll ingredients.

1 7-10 oz white fish such as halibut, or cod. Use mahi mahi for best results.
1 table spoon oil for frying
1 cucumber
1 mango
2 table spoons lime juice
3 Seaweed sheets
3 cups cooked and prepared sushi rice.
2 Table spoons chili powder

Cut cucumber, and mango into 3/16 inch (5mm) to 1/4 inch (6mm) sticks.

Cut mango into oval slices off the pit (typical slices of mango). Then slice these into strips.

Heat pan and oil. Sizzle each side of fish till browned. Turn over once about 9 minutes total. May also grill the fish till it flakes careful not to over cook causing it to be too dry. Cut into small strips. A bit larger strips than the cucumber sticks. Shredding the fish also makes it enjoyable. Pull it apart with a knife and fork after cooking for pulled or shredded fish. Sprinkle chili powder on fish to taste.

Next, spread seasoned rice onto sheet of seaweed as instructed on medium roll page and place fish, mango, cucumber onto rice. Yields 24 pieces.

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