Sushi Plates (ko-sara)

You may find some plates specifically designed for sushi, or sushi plates. These are small to medium sized dishes with Japanese design or styling. They are usually ceramic, wood, or melamine in a variety of shapes and colors.

A set of Japanese plates come in 5 or 7 count. In Japan the norm is an odd number of items in a set. Plates smaller in size are designed specifically for nigiri since they come in pairs, or a couple of rolls. On the other hand, multiple rolls are divided into 6 or 8 so the plates are a little larger, such as a mid sized dish.

These really enhance the beauty in presenting sushi. This can make the difference between a good sushi experience into a great experience. By simply choosing to go with dishes designed for sushi. Add some traditional Japanese background music for full effect.

Substitute: look for square plates. Find modern or traditional Asian style dishes. Cut blocks of wood into 5" (12.5cm) by 8" (20cm) rectangles sand the ends smooth.

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