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I'll make the Kappa maki or cucumber roll for an example of these hosomaki recipe. Use this method for any filling. Usually one ingredient will fit in a hosomaki.

Make the rice, and make sure you have all the necessary items needed to make thin rolls. With most sushi its a matter of preparing the ingredients then putting the parts together.

cut nori seaweed

Prepare the seaweed sheets by cutting both in half perpendicular to the long edge.

Skin the cucumber. Skin it coarse meaning its okay to leave spots of green skin (for cucumber rolls as example of hosomaki recipe).

Remember, keep the length the same as the sheet of seaweed (after seaweed has been cut in half).

Prepare the wasabi in a small dish by adding enough cold water to make a small dry dough-ball consistency.

spread rice over nori

With the seaweed sheet on the rolling mat, place 1/2 cup of seasoned rice onto the nori and spread the rice out with your finger tips. Leave about a half inch (1.27mm) space of no rice along the edge where the roll will meet (the edge where the rolling action will finish).

Spread Wasabi

Next, dip your finger in the wasabi and take a finger tip of it and spread it onto the rice across the middle.

Making kappa

Place cucumber (or other ingredient) onto the rice.

Rolling cucumber roll

Place finger tips onto the cucumbers lift the mat with thumbs and start rolling.

Making cucumber roll

Roll mat over and let the upper edge meet with the lower seaweed sheet edge (where the 1/2 inch strip no rice is). Make sure the seaweed edge is tucked into the portion of rice on the other side to complete the cucumber roll.

Making cucumber roll

Roll the roll over onto the seam and let the sushi mat release outward or forward. Pinch or press lightly on the roll to make it nice and snug.

Making cucumber roll

Carefully unroll and place it off to the side and prepare another in the same fashion. Let the rolls stand a few minutes before cutting so to let the seaweed absorb moisture from the rice. This is the secret to cutting the rolls a little easier.

Making cucumber roll

To cut the roll, run the knife blade in water to wet it. This will release the rice from sticking to the blade. Do this when ever you notice the rice starting to stick to the knife.

Use swift down and forward bursts with the knife. 2 burst are what the chefs use. Quick thrusts works best but be careful not to hit items in front of the blade. (I'll post a video of this soon)

For these hosomaki recipe instructions I'm making 8 pieces by first cutting it in half. Then doubling the rolls to finish cutting the rolls into 6 or 8 pieces. Cut all 4 of the rolls at this point and arrange them on a plate. Yields up to 32 pieces.

Making cucumber roll Making cucumber roll

Follow this recipe often to get it right and it will get easier as you do. Yoroshiku!

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