Oh Toro (fattiest cut of tuna)

Oh toro

Oh toro comes from the bluefin tuna's bottom most part of its belly. It's flesh there is thin because the rest of the space there is taken up by its other organs or entrails therefore it is scarce.

Its light pink in color sometimes with marbling. The fat is what makes it melt in the mouth. The oil is rich with healthy omega 3 fatty acid because its fish oil.

Where to get it? To be honest, I've never sought this cut. The only time I've had this is when the sushi chef in Kiryu Japan announced that this is o toro. We, at the table had to stop, gasp, then procede with reverence. That's all I remember about it. As a child I've always favored dark red cuts of sashimi for sushi.

I imagine, that you'd have to order it specifically from a fish market. More about where to procure this cut in the future.

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