Cooked Rice Storage Method

Cooked rice storage is a mystery. We know that sushi is meant to be prepared and eaten in the same day. Some left over sushi ingredients might keep okay for a few days such as cucumbers. But left over rice does not keep well. Everyone who has tried this knows it dries out and looses its stickiness.

Typical for storing cooked rice is in a plastic container with a pop top lid. The next day its crumbly, still edible, perhaps with some milk, cinnamon and sugar.

The secret to keeping rice and preserve its moisture and stickiness is this. Put the left over cooked rice in zip up storage bag or wrap it in plastic wrap.

Use quality freezer bags so the scent of plastic will not seep into the rice. Then freeze the bag with the rice in the freezer. Make sure to label the date on the bag.

When its time to reheat, place it in a microwave oven for a few minutes. Watch the time it can over heat quickly. Be sure to take it out of the bag and into a microwave oven safe bowl.

After reheating, the rice will be like you just cooked it a pan or electric cooker. Try it and see.

I use plastic wrap around serving sized balls of cooked rice. This way I can control portions to reheat.

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