Rice Vinegar Mix

Rice Vinegar Seasoning:
Prepare the mixture in a glass or plastic bowl and warm in microwave oven for about 10 seconds or warm enough to dissolve the sugar and salt. Mix and set it aside or place in refrigerator to cool. Do not add to water before cooking rice.

Cooked Rice Rice-Vinegar Sugar Salt
2 cups 2 Tbspoons 1 Tbspoons 1/4 tspoon
4 cups 4 Tbspoons 2 Tbspoons 1/2 tspoon
5 cups 5 Tbspoons 2 1/2 Tbspoons 3/4 tspoon
8 cups 6 Tbspoons 3 Tbspoons 1 tspoon

Start with the mix from the table above and then add sugar or salt to taste. This is a very basic seasoning mixture.

To taste, take a small ball of rice and dip it just slightly into the vinegar mix. Place the rice ball into your mouth and taste. See if there is not enough sugar, salt or just right. Do this after mixture has dissolved.

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