Rice Water -Right Mix of Rice and Water for Great Sushi Rice

Before figuring out the rice water ratio for cooking rice, its good practice to rinse rice before cooking. Account for the water left in the pot after rinse for measuring water level.

Rinsing The Rice
After carefully measuring the rice into the inner cook pot of an electric rice cooker, fill the pot with water and start swirling the rice in the water. Same goes for the rice if you are using a medium sauce pan to cook it in.

I like to start swirling by hand as soon as the water runs into the pot from tap.

What this does is gets the fine rice flour to cloud the water and this is what you want to discard. Pour it out in the drain

Then repeat this process rinsing the rice at least 4 times or when the water is almost clear.

After the rice has been rinsed at least 4 times. On the last fill of water in the pot will be the one to use for cooking the rice so use good water for this last time to fill the pot.

If the tap water in your area tastes blah. Be sure to use good drinking or filtered water.

Rice to Water Ratio
The following rice to water ratio table is for getting the right amount of water for cooking rice.

Uncooked Rice Water Cooked Rice Amount
2 cups 2 cups 5 cups
3 cups 3 cups 8 cups
4 cups 4 cups 10 cups

If you have no measuring cup to use to measure the rice amount, place a hand with palm down flat against the rice in the pot. The water level should just cover the top your knuckles.

As you may have noticed, sushi rice rule of thumb is equal amounts of rice for water. 3 cups rice use the same cup, metric or U.S. standard, 3 cups of water.

Don't go by the measure amount listed on the rice package. Sushi rice uses a little less water for the right texture.

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